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Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

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Satisfy a sweet tooth with a sugary treat.

Our Favorite Sweet Treats

Looking for a bit of sugar for your sweetie? Try one of these delectable treats.

Premium Agave Nectar Chef's Pack

Use agave nectar as a ready-made substitute for simple syrup in any recipe. This organic trio features plain clear, butterscotch-y amber, and rich, molasses-like raw.

Price: $18

Shop: Foodzie

Maitelates Alfajores Cookies

Alfajores, common in Chile and Argentina, sandwich luscious dulce de leche between two buttery wafers, then swathe them in chocolate. Mmm!

Price: $28/Box of 12

Shop: Foodzie

Ames Farm Single Sourced Honey

Each jar is a flavor snapshot of different areas of a Minnesota farm. From top: Buckwheat, Summer Blossoms, Wildflower, Prairie Flowers, Sweet Clover.

Price: $21/5 [2-ounce] jars

Shop: Ames Farm

Oregon Growers & Shippers Fruit Paté

TruBee Honey

Bright bee work: raw honey from a Tennessee farm’s wild-flowers, herbs, and shrubs.

Price: $10/12-ounce jar

Shop: TruBee Honey

Ciao Bella Sorbets

As-good-as-homemade sorbet. If each bite weren't icy cold, you'd swear Ciao Bella sorbets were fruit. Our favorite flavors: raspberry, blood orange, and passion fruit.

Price: $4/Pint

Shop: Specialty Grocers

Indulge Caramels

Let the kids have the candy corn and save these incredibly smooth, soft, buttery caramels for yourself. They're available in 12 flavors (from cashew to coconut), but sea salt was our favorite.

Price: $12/8-ounce bag

Shop: Indugle Caramels

Komforte Chockolates Bars

There's a surprise inside these Komforte Chockolates bars: Brittle bits of ramen noodles or crisp tortilla pieces with lime and salt.

Price: $3/2.5-oz. bar

Shop: Seattle Chocolates

Sucré French Macaroons

Luscious and light as air, French macaroons from New Orleans confectioner Sucré sandwich cream or mousseline between cloudlike layers of meringue.

Price: $23/15-piece box of assorted flavors

Shop: Sucré

Xocolatti Chocolate Bark

Intensely flavored chocolate barks—from orange hazelnut to strangely addictive rose hip pistachio or mango paprika—from a Scarsdale, New York, artisan.

Price: $25-$27/half pound

Shop: Xocolatti

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