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Bagel with cream cheese with Delaco cream, bacon and baked pepper salad

Bagel with cream cheese with Delaco cream, bacon and baked pepper salad

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And the third sandwich today :)
I was responsible for the preparation, my colleagues for the food. From Monday on the diet! I SAID !

    • Bagel (pretzel) - 1 pc
    • Bacon - 3-4 slices cut into 4
    • Radishes (cut into thin slices) - 2 pcs
    • Delaco cream cheese
    • Salad mix in the bag
    • Canned corn - 2 tbsp
    • Cherry tomatoes - 15-20 pcs
    • Fresh oranges - 3 tbsp
    • Extra virgin olive oil - 2 tbsp
    • Baked pepper salad with vinegar - 4 tbsp
    • Salt and pepper to taste

Servings: 8

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Bagel with cream cheese with Delaco cream, bacon and baked pepper salad:

  • Cut the bagel in half lengthwise;

  • Then grease it with cream cheese, Delaco;

  • Put the bacon slices on top and add the baked peppers over it;

  • Put the bagel lid on and cut it every 5 cm;

  • Place it on a large plate, slightly apart, leaving the center free;

  • In a large bowl, mix the salad mix (red cabbage, carrot, iceberg) with corn, cherry tomatoes (previously cut in half) and squeeze fresh oranges on top;

  • Add radishes and extra virgin olive oil, season with salt and pepper and mix well;

  • Put the salad in the center of the plate;

  • Stick a cherry tomato in a toothpick (or in a skewer stick) and then stick it in each chopped piece of bagel;

    Enjoy it with pleasure!

Bagel with cream cheese with Delaco cream, bacon and baked pepper salad - Recipes


Today I have a more special recipe for you, with seasonal fruits and a lot of flavor.

Inspired by Cat Kitchen who had a pork chop stuffed with quince on the blog yesterday, I went to the market to get quince and to think about what to prepare with them, definitely something delicious. Her recipe was wonderful, but I wanted to do something a little faster, because my hungry boyfriend was coming and I was in a time crisis.

I put the salted and seasoned chicken on the pot-grill and I put among the pieces of meat and quince slices (or we put the slices in the oven. I wanted it to be faster).

From the baked quinces I made a puree: I cut the quinces into slices, I removed the stalks (I left the peel because they were well washed before) and I blended the slices until they turned into purees. I added olive oil and a pinch of salt and mixed a little more.

I served the chicken with the cooked quince slices and the quince puree. We also made a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce and we served it next to our dish.


It's one of the best soups and I've never eaten better. I made it earlier, being a spring recipe.

Lightly fry finely chopped green onions in oil - twice the amount we usually use when using dried onions. Everyone is oriented according to the way they make soups and according to the amount they want to cook. & # 160

After sautéing the onion a little, add 1-2 grated carrots and sauté lightly, without browning, and then pour 2 cups of water and let it boil.

I also had some fresh mushrooms that were great for this recipe, but you can do without.

We wash the loboda, chop it and rub it with salt. Set aside for 5 minutes, then rinse, squeeze and add to the soup. & # 160

As soon as the loboda boils, we make the dumplings.

Mix about 500 g of cottage cheese (or urda or both) with 2 eggs, 3 tablespoons of semolina and a few flours - to come out as a composition like papanas. Add salt, green onions and chopped dill.

Be careful not to be loud. I also put some grated curd. & # 160

Form the dumplings with a wet hand and release them in the pot - but do not boil them, as the dumplings may fall apart. Eventually, add a little water to the soup. & # 160

They are ready quickly, when they rise to the surface of the soup. Add chopped parsley, larch and dill, a cup of fresh borscht and a cup of yogurt to the soup and let it boil a little longer. & # 160
At the end, we pour into the pot a cup of cream mixed with a little flour (so as not to cheese), and again we put chopped dill and larch and turn off the heat.
It smells crazy!

And she's good. bad.

But I have to wait until next spring to do it again.

I admit that I have many pictures of some older recipes, which I did not have time to post. But better late than never.

Bagel with cream cheese with Delaco cream, bacon and baked pepper salad - Recipes

Who likes cheese and lemon, will also like this cake, for. that is a super recipe!

-250gr of fresh cow's cheese
-200gr telemea breed (sheep and cows)
-4 tablespoons sugar

-200 ml of water
-200 ml of whipped milk
-3 tablespoons butter or margarine together
-6 tablespoons sugar
-an egg
-A little salt
-a cube of yeast (25 gr)
-flour enough to make a bread-like dough

We make a dough from the above ingredients, which we raise.
When it has doubled in volume, we divide it in two and make a not too thin sheet, which we cut into strips in both directions.

We pass the resulting squares through butter or melted margarine and sugar and put them in a guguluf shape greased with butter.
Over them we put half of the cream cheese.
We also make the second sheet and we also cut the squares, only that we alternate them with the remaining cheese (we put a few squares, a little cheese until we finish). Let it grow and then grease with beaten egg and put in the preheated oven for about 40 minutes. When we think it is ready, we do the test with the toothpick, if it comes out clean it is ready.

It is a delight eaten hot! Lemon cream makes all the money! It gives it a special flavor!
An aromatic section:

-the juice of two lemons
-3 yolks
-a sugar cane
-shell from 2 lemons
-60 gr unsalted butter

Bagel with cream cheese with Delaco cream, bacon and baked pepper salad - Recipes

Happy Birthday to all children.
Be healthy and happy, because you are the meaning of life, sun, water and air of your parents!
Especially for this day I prepared Chifle Catelusi which were very successful, especially the cabanos. hi, hi!
I admit that I also prepared this recipe for the child in me, not only for my sun, Tudor & lt3 & lt3 & lt3
Dough recipe and Young croissants with goat cheese, and the idea for these buns came to me after I posted a picture on the net here.

600g flour,
340ml milk,
1 or,
100ml oil,
1 sachet of dried yeast Dr.Oetker, (7g),
1 tablespoon brown sugar,
1 teaspoon salt,
100g black olives,
1 egg for greased.

Method of preparation:

1. Put in a bowl flour mixed with dry yeast, salt and sugar.
Pour in the milk, oil and beaten egg.

Knead vigorously until you get a well-kneaded dough.

Cover it with a napkin and leave it to rise for an hour in a warm place.

After it has grown, knead it a little more, then divide it into two equal balls.
From one ball, make three more. Weigh them so that they are the same.

Take a ball of dough and flatten it with the palm of your hand.

With a sharp knife make two oblique cuts from top to bottom: one on the right and one on the left. These will be the ears.

I had black olives with seeds. I cut them in half, I took them slightly off the core and so I had the "noses". From other pieces, triangles, I made the "eyes".

Brush with beaten egg and place in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

The buns seemed a bit big to me, so from the other three balls, I made six !!


Dear Leana! Your recipe is super strong! Puppies are very beautiful! Bravooo !!

Sincere. I saw the picture from where you were inspired and with your hand on your soul, I can say that your puppies are much nicer, more successful!
And with that hut in my mouth, I have a grade of 10 with 5 stars! Bravo congratulations !
I want to be your child too, at least for one day, do you adopt me? Te rooooog!
Te tzuc Liana!

very hard, I said I would try but I didn't have the courage :) but now I'm sure I'll try with your recipe :) congratulations Liana.

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