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Quince jam at Multicooker

Quince jam at Multicooker

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No, it was Laurențiu-Ionel's turn to help me prepare the jam. Said and done.

  • quinces cleaned and peeled 1000 g,
  • caster sugar 1000 g,
  • vanilla stick,
  • 1 piece lemon,
  • limes 1 piece,
  • cloves 2-3 pieces,
  • cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon.

Servings: 4

Preparation time: over 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Quince jam at Multicooker:

The peeled quinces are finely chopped, I helped myself with the food processor: D;) Then place layers, layers in the bowl of the Multicooker, alternating with sugar and citrus juice. Connect the Multipsooker device from Philips, to the power source, choose from the menu, the JAM program, ie jam, then press the start button, leave the lid and the device will do its job quietly for approx. 60 minutes. Depending on how you like the consistency of the jam, program the appliance again at the same time until you get the desired consistency. Towards the end of cooking, add the spices. Then disconnect the appliance from the power supply, and the jam is put hot in sterilized jars, which are put to rest until the next day, in a basket, "wrapped" well with a blanket or a thicker tablecloth. The next day, they are labeled and put back in the pantry. Good luck and good luck!

What are the four most sought after quince recipes for the pantry

Gout are the golden fruits of autumn, tasty and aromatic, which can be eaten both raw and in various dishes. The four most sought after quince recipes for the pantry are: quince jam, quince jam, quince pellet and quince compote.

What are the four most sought after quince recipes for the pantry

Chilies are the golden fruits of autumn, tasty and aromatic, which can be eaten raw, as well as in various dishes.
The four most sought after quince recipes for the pantry are: quince jam, quince jam, quince pellet and quince compote.

Here are the ingredients and how to prepare the four most popular quince recipes for the pantry!

Ingredients for Quince Gem Recipe

Preparation for Quince Gem Recipe

Wash the quinces well and wipe to make sure all the fluff is removed. They are given on a grater, with all the shells, if they are healthy and they are immediately sprinkled with lemon & acircie juice. Boil the water with the sugar, just melt it and add the syrup over the grated quinces. The quince jam is prepared in the oven for about an hour, over medium heat, until the syrup is reduced and becomes consistent. It can also be boiled on the stove for 30 minutes, but it must be stirred constantly. Put them in hot sterilized jars, close them with the sterilized lids as well and keep them either in the already hot oven or in the blankets until they cool down. Then they can be labeled and passed to the pantry.


Ingredients for the Quince Jam Recipe

  • 1 kg quinces cleaned and cut into cubes
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 400 ml of water
  • 1 cinnamon stick, optional
  • juice from 1 lemon & acircie

Preparation for the Quince Jam Recipe

The well-washed quinces are cut into quarters and cleaned of the peel and the inside with seeds. Then cut thinner slices into cubes, roughly equal. Sprinkle with lemon juice. In a double-walled bowl, boil the sugar syrup with water and the cinnamon stick. Boil until it becomes very thick and pass the drop test.

How to test the syrup drop: take a plate and keep it in the fridge for 10 minutes.

With a spoon, take the syrup and drip on the plate. If the syrup is squeezed like a ball and does not spread on the plate, it means that it is ready. Add the quince cubes over the syrup, mix well and boil the quince jam for a maximum of 30 minutes. Then put the sterilized jars hot, close them with the sterilized lids and keep them either in the already hot oven or in the blankets, until they cool. Then they can be labeled and passed to the pantry.

Quince peels and stalks are not thrown away, but a delicious quince skin is prepared with them.


Ingredients for the recipe Quince pellet

Preparation for the recipe Quince pellet

The quinces and stalks from the quince are boiled in water. Add slices of & frac12 lăm & acircie. Boil for about 30 minutes, until it melts and leaves all the aroma in the water. Then drain well, and the resulting liquid is measured and the same amount of water is added. Put it back to the boil and leave it on the fire until a thick liquid, like a jelly, results.

The foam will be removed as many times as it is formed!

Add the juice from the frac12 l & acircm & acircie so that it does not sweeten along the way and put hot & icircn sterilized jars. Screw on the lids and keep the jars in blankets until they cool. Label and transfer to the pantry.

Quinces contain a large amount of pectin, so they are put in smaller quantities (because they gel the syrup). The well-baked, yellow quinces are wiped off the fluff on them, peeled and cut into matches or shaved through a grater with large holes, like noodles (as long as possible) only up to the hard and stony part that forms seed house.

It oxidizes quickly while working. They must not be kept in water. After they have been weighed, they are immediately put in hot syrup and will regain their color. The sugar, water, lemon juice or glucose and the vanilla stick are mixed on the fire, until the sugar melts and immediately add the quinces that need to boil more, until it softens.

Boil and bind like grape jam and continue as for any other jam. When they look shiny and float in all the syrup, the pan is immediately removed from the heat, otherwise the quinces will immediately darken in color.

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Vanilla-flavored quince jam

Recipe for vanilla-flavored quince jam, an extremely tasty and fragrant jam, a delicacy in autumn colors, only good to enjoy on cold winter days.

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With the help of quinces we can prepare special goodies, with a lot of taste and color. This one vanilla-flavored quince jam is one of the tastiest and most fragrant autumn sweets. Considered by many a delicacy, a perfect dessert for any day of the year, quince jam should not be missing from the pantry with goodies.

A slice of toast greased with a little butter and quince jam will be a delight and a treat for any time of the day. In addition, quince jam is extraordinary with tender and fluffy pancakes or served with traditional fried papanas.

Quince jam is easy to prepare, but it is a little meticulous at first because the quinces must be peeled and cut into cubes. However, the effort is small compared to the flavor and aroma of the final product.

An important thing to keep in mind when preparing quince jam is to schedule it for the second part of the day. To better preserve the flavor of the quinces and preserve the color, the quinces should remain overnight in sugar syrup. Thus they will soften slowly, they will absorb from the sugar syrup, they will trust themselves, and the jam will have a vivid, natural color. The next day, continue cooking it for a long time and keep it in sterilized jars.

Also, choose well-cooked quinces without spoilage. In this way the quince jam will get an extra taste, and the appearance will of course gain.

Quince peel

The recipe for quince jam is extremely simple. It is an ideal dish to eat in the cold season, but also with an apple pie or a portion of ice cream. The jelly (jam) is ready when the quince syrup binds and the fruit becomes glassy and rises to the surface. Here's how to make the best quince jam!

1. Wash the quinces, wipe with a fluffy cloth and cut into small pieces. The fruit must not be peeled or the medium containing a large amount of gelatin removed.

2. Put the chopped quinces in a saucepan with water and add the red apples, cut into quarters, then cook over low heat for 60 minutes, until the quinces become very soft.

3. Take the composition off the stove and let it rinse for 30 minutes, after which the juice is strained through a thick gauze.

4. To one liter of the juice obtained, add the lemon juice and the kilogram of sugar and mix until it melts, then boil over high heat, taking the foam whenever necessary.

5. Remove the pellet from the heat when bound and pour hot into jars.

Quince jam

Jam is one of the most beloved desserts of childhood and without a doubt, it pampers us even today. On cold days, a jar of quince jam will be the perfect choice to serve it for breakfast, as a snack between meals or when you feel like something sweet but healthy.
Here's how to make the most delicious quince jam.

Put a pan on the fire in which you add water and sugar. Leave to boil, over low heat, until the syrup passes the thread test (ie when a drop is placed on the fingers, it should have a slightly sticky consistency and "stretch").

The quinces are washed well and then cleaned of the shell and any other impurities they may contain. Then cut into cubes.

When the syrup is bound, add the quince cubes and the lemon juice. Depending on your preferences and for more flavor, you can also add pieces of lemon with peel, well washed beforehand. Remove the foam that forms with a foamer and simmer for about 20 minutes.
Depending on your preferences, you can also add walnuts the next day and boil them for a few more minutes. Transfer to sterilized jars and leave to cool between blankets.

A simple recipe for jam in a slow cooker

Cooking options, as always many, because every housewife wants to experiment. There are easier recipes for the first time. And they are more complicated for experienced chefs. Let's just start.

We will make jam with two ingredients - quince and granulated sugar. We will need 1 kilogram of fruit and a little less sugar - 900 grams. We continue the process:

  1. The bad luck is washed well, dried and cut in half. This must be done to carefully cut the core.
  2. Each half cut into slices,

I put everything in a bowl

It's important! During this time, shake and mix the contents of the bowl.

As soon as the fruit releases enough juices (don't wait more than three days!), We pass the mixture to the multicooker bowl.

To lock, activate the & quotJam / Desert & quot mode and set the timer for 25 minutes. If the multicooker model does not have such a mode, then the & quotQuenching & quot mode replaces it perfectly.

This is where our multiple action ends. After the set time, you can taste the aromatic and juicy jam. This option is suitable for quick use.

Quince jam like grandma's

Quinces are aromatic fruits, related to apple and hair, known since antiquity, as being used in folk medicine along with seeds and fruits.

Quince jam, without preservatives, made according to a simple recipe, just like our grandparents did. This recipe is from Aunt Florica de la Recaș, about whom I told you on another occasion. She used to do it with cloves, but I don't like it so I didn't put it.

Quince jam ingredients like grandma:

2 kg of well-cooked quince
0.5 kg of sugar
2 lemons

3-4 tension (Optional)
A pinch of salt

How to prepare quince jam as grandma:

Peel the quinces and stalks. Keep both the quinces and the stalks, which are washed and kept in cold water until we finish cleaning them all.

Put the shells and stalks in a pot of water as long as they are covered to boil for an hour, and if necessary add a little more water.

Strain the juice thus obtained, pour it over the cleaned quinces with sugar, salt and lemon juice, 1 liter of water and simmer for about an hour until soft.

After they have boiled for an hour, we can strain some of the juice and make jelly & # 8211 quince skin like Grandma's, a recipe you can find here:

We continue to simmer until the quinces break and bind, obtaining the consistency of sweetness.

To see when it is ready, take a teaspoon of the composition and leave it at room temperature and if it binds it is boiled enough.
Pour into sterilized jars and put them in a bain marie until they cool by themselves.

Simple and tasty, an ideal dish to keep for the cold winter days. Along with a slice of bread with butter and hot tea.
It can also be served with a goose liver or in cakes.

Homemade quince liqueur

Quince liqueur is also called quince and although this term does not sound too elegant, it seems that things go on the cherry - cherry, blueberry - affine system. We are talking about a fine and fragrant creature, which, beautifully packaged in dichitis bottles, was once a very appreciated gift, offered at Christmas.

Quince is very easy to make, all the ingredients you need are: fruit, sugar and alcohol (preferably double refined alcohol or a good vodka). Unlike liqueurs, such as roses, which are made faster, quince liqueur requires more time, so you should prepare it in advance. Being more woody, quinces need at least a month to leave the aroma and fragrance that alcohol can extract from the fruit. So, if you start quarreling now, it will only be good to serve for the holidays.

You will find that in these old recipes everything is raw, without modernist tricks, which makes this disarmingly simple drink really delicious. The only difference from the version two centuries ago is that the honey bent with water, which our ancestors used to sweeten the wonderful liqueur, was replaced with sugar. So let's get started!

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